Yizhak Toledano

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


Israeli, American


CEO at Sky Development Inc.
CEO at Aventura Land Trust LLC
CEO at Park Place Executive Center LLC
CEO at Greenway Shopping Place
CEO at Palma Bella Development LLC


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About Yizhak Toledano

Sky Development is involved in a number of dynamic real estate ventures mainly around the southern region of Florida. The company’s range of activities cover all stages of property development including: acquisition, development, rehabilitation and conversion of residential and commercial properties.

Today, Sky Development has thirty employees and works with award-winning architects, planners and designers. In 2007 the Miami Florida Developers & Builders Alliance Association awarded Yizhak Toledano a “Visionary Development Award” for his unique real estate initiative called “City Park Aventura”. City Park Aventura is a “mixed-use” real estate project. That means that it includes within its scope commercial properties (office, retail, and hotel) with residential properties. The project size is 630,000 Sq. Ft. and includes a Hotel with 198 guest rooms. Commenting on the project’s popularity, Managing Broker of the Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell office in Aventura explains “…It’s self contained.

Everything you need is right here, so there’s no need to leave the city.” Toledano is known for his involvement in real estate projects that promote a “self-contained” community: people can live close to where they work and “play”. Commutes to work are short and improve the quality of life for residents living within a mixed-use community.

In 2007, Yizhak Toledano invested in Marquis Bank, a bank that specializes in private banking and small business loans mostly serving the local commercial real estate market. With nearly 10% holding of the bank, Toledano is an active Advisory Board Member contributing his professional insight, business network and a clear-cut management ethic to the bank.

Yizhak Toledano is a successful businessman, but he is also a philanthropist. Toledano donated $3 million dollars towards the construction of a new children’s hospital through the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation part of the Memorial Healthcare System. Of the new hospital Toledano says, “This children’s hospital is expected to be the best place for children’s cancer treatment in the entire state of Florida”.

Mr. Yizhak Toledano is a young and successful real estate developer with an impressive track-record; his development company has handled many projects.

Yizhak Toledano was born in Israel. With a desire to expand his knowledge and understanding of the real estate business, Yizhak Toledano moved to the United States when he was 26 years old. When he first arrived in Florida, Toledano worked for a local bank as a mortgage broker. During this time, Toledano deepend his familiarity with the real estate industry by learning about how projects are financed and monitored. After a year as a mortgage consultant, Toledano decided that he now had the right tools to jumpstart his own business: a real estate development firm. Toledano founded “Toledano Holdings LLC” in September of 2001. The small firm grew with each project until January of 2004, when Yizhak Toledano founded “Skyrise Development Group” which later became “Sky Development.”